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Country Sisters Introduce New Band Member

Posted by: Petr Mecir

News 01/09/2013

Personal changes are very common in professional girl's bands, as once in a while somebody wants to settle down and start a family. The Country Sisters are no exception to the rule and we talked about the most common consequences of changes in their line-up in a recent interview. Needless to say that all of these changes in the history of the Country Sisters have been for the better and fresh blood always brought new energy to the shows, attracted new fans on the road and brought the band to another level.

One of these changes is taking place right now as Claire is going to leave the band after 6 years. Her spot will be filled with young singer Veronica, who we will introduce more closely in today's interview.


Where are you from?

"I'm from Loket, which is near Karlovy Vary."

Country Sisters - VeronicaHow long have you been singing?

"I've been singing since I was 7 years old.

What instruments can you play?

"I play the piano and now I'm learning to play the guitar."

What music genres have you gone through so far?

"Well, I study at a music conservatoire, so I'm supposed to know all genres. It's pretty much everything but hard music."

OK, and what music genres do you like?

"Of course I like country music, which I didn't use to listen to much before, but just recently I found out how cool this music is. Other than that I like jazz, pop, I listen to just about everything."

Have you ever played on big stages like the Country Sisters play?

"I used to perform at singing competitions a lot. For example I played at the Folkovy Kvitek contest, where I was given the 1st prize. Then I played all over Moravia, so I'm quite used to it. But here it's going to be great as well."

What do you look forward most about playing with the Country Sisters full-time?

"The audiences really get me, the way they react and respond, that's something amazing! I really look forward to it a lot. I also look forward to traveling, getting to see foreign countries. That'll be great."

Country Sisters - VeronicaYou have inheritted Claire's repertoire. Are there any more changes in the show coming up?

"It's going to be a little different and new. We have reorganized the music instruments differently and I'll be playing the piano, too. It's gonna be fun!"

Do you write your own songs?

"I used to write songs a lot, but now school keeps me busy, but I hope to get back to it. I really enjoy composing music on the piano."

Do you think that you might play some of your songs with the Country Sisters?

"I've been thinking about it! We'll see..."

Do you think you will fit in Country Sisters' passion for food and drinks?

"I think I'll definitely fit in, I don't mind having beer or something, but always reasonably." (laughs)




Country Sisters

KláraTIP: If you'd like to know what Claire's future plans are, what she's going to do next and where you can meet her, check out an interview with Claire next week!


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